In this global society passion and dreams are not enough for you to stay ahead of the game. That’s why at The Jamaican Fencing Federation (JFF) we seek the fearless, the proactive, the exceptional, the motivated and the innovative. Many students spend countless classroom hours learning, only to graduate with very little if any practical applicable experience. Completing an internship with an internationally recognized organization can give you the experience you need to pursue your chosen career field. An international internship stands out on your resume, builds your social network, gives you an advantage in a tough job market, and redefines your global perspective by building your socio-cultural intelligence and skill sets.

Our highly competitive internship program provides candidates with the opportunity to get to know the exciting and diversified world of the JFF, but also the chance to learn more about yourself, your fields of interest and various career opportunities. Regardless of your educational background, the JFF offers real world opportunities ranging from coaching, social media development,  program development, relationship management, sports marketing and human resources. As a JFF intern, you’ll help us to shape and to fortify the Jamaican Fencing brand and to leave a legacy in the Sporting world.

The JFF internship program seeks to provide interns with an experiential learning opportunity within our organization. Our internships typically require that you are approved by your high school or university to earn academic credit for your work with the JFF.


Get on the career fast track with The Jamaican Fencing Federation’s Kingston Internship Program. The JFF Internship program at our Kingston Headquarters runs for 4, 8 and 12 weeks. This is deliberately designed so that you can choose what role you would like to play within our organization. Formal internship programs are available in a wide range of departments including, Sales, Marketing, IT, Field support and Design.


There are also plenty of internship opportunities in our various pilot locations. The diversity of our approaches to developing Fencing in Jamaica is reflected in the diversity of our team. Our organization is highly decentralized with much of our work coming out of Kingston, Jamaica, Central Florida, USA, Mexico and Germany. In these circumstances Interns typically work from their respective college campus or home town.  As a result we empower and entrust interns to contribute remotely. All you need is your own computer, phone and access to the internet. Our communication, training and evaluations would all take place via Skype.


JFF is currently seeking interns for the following opportunities:


In partnership with GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sport, Caribbean Maritime Institute, and the University of the West Indies, this internship will involve practical hands-on and classroom experience by observing and participating in day-to-day operations of JFF youth and adult fencing programs. The Intern will help with efforts to promote physical fitness, general health, and teamwork through after-school and community-based fencing programs. Emphasis is placed on developing competence in basic professional methods such as analysis, fiscal management, planning, record keeping, promotion, programming, teaching and member services.

As an intern coaching fencing, you can be a positive role model for children and teenagers while developing your own leadership skills. No coaching experience is needed to volunteer on a community sports project, as long as you are energetic and eager to share your love for sports and fitness abroad. If you have little or no coaching experience, local staff and teachers are always happy to help enthusiastic volunteers in any way they can.


This Intern will be exposed to the day to day workings of the overall marketing department and have the opportunity to work cross functionally with various divisions within the marketing department (creative, public relations, account marketing). With an internship in sports marketing, you will learn about how to develop a grass roots campaign that drives community and city nationwide support for the Jamaican Fencing Federation (JFF). Primary Responsibilities will be assisting in the overall sports marketing plan for the JFF. This includes working with professional athletes, grassroots initiatives, sponsorships and more! Develop and create JFF marketing appearances. Assist with the roll out of new product/campaign initiatives.


This intern will come up with a weekly strategy to create interest and excitement for Jamaican Fencing Federation on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Flickr.


JFF needs an intern capable of researching funding opportunities within guidelines and writing compelling grants for eligible funding. This would require an intern with strong research, writing and analytical skills. The intern will gain tangible skills in grant writing relevant to non-profit organizations.


These interns will be assigned to different regions of the country and asked to communicate with members in the fencing community in their respective community. Interns will be expected to assist us in raising awareness for the work Jamaican Fencing Federation is doing to harness the passion of the fencing community into positive social impact. This internship will provide students an opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to a real life sales environment. Students will gain hands-on experience working on various projects in the sales and marketing area, working on promoting ideas. This intern will work closely on assisting JFF in the rollout of our JFF Branding Program. This is an initiative that will seek to empower individuals around the interns respective region to support our mission. JFF Ambassadors will be equipped and empowered to sell JFF paraphernalia such as t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers and more in support of The Jamaican Fencing Federation. Interns in this position will be involved in communications and marketing efforts aimed at college and high school students.(Multiple positions available.)