Increase The Number of Domestic Fencers, Coaches and Referees by 10% Each Year.

Objective 1:

Raise funding for the support of first generation coaching staff from global supporters and friends of Jamaican Fencing.

Objective 2:

Launch local and global socially responsible programming that will make JFF a leading sport governing body in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

Objective 3:

Empower youth fencers through job training, education, career counseling, mentoring and giving targeted at workforce readiness for young people in Jamaica and throughout the diaspora.

Build Corporate Partnerships

JFF is positioned for and seeks corporate sponsors and partners to build mutually beneficial relationships built on mission synergy, business objectives and shared values. JFF is positioned to acquire Corporate sponsorships and partnerships that provide partners tailored opportunities for value-based collaboration and marketing that support JFF mission to advance innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of socially enhancing programming based on our 5 principles of fencing.